You got zeroed or wiped out? You probably have tons of troops “sleeping” in your enlistment. 

  • Your enlistment office only works if you are on the DEFENSIVE SIDE. 
  • You can enlist troops if it exceeds your hospital capacity. 


1. When you get attacked, your troops will have lightly wounded, wounded and losses. 

LIGHTLY WOUNDED : This will automatically healed. 

WOUNDED: This goes to your hospital and it needs resources and healing. You can either heal by batches or you can also heal all at once. 

LOSSES: These are the troops that exceed your hospital capacity. 

2. Once your hospital is full, troops killed will show losses in your Battle Report. These losses  can  be enlisted. 

Take note that NOT all losses go to your enlistment office. 70% will be enlisted and 30% will be permanent losses. 

Make it a habit to Heal in batches during Killing Event or Capital Clash. 

Once your losses got enlisted, a portion of that is instantly available to enlist and the rest of the 70% are available for enlistment. 

  • The capacity of your Enlistment Office is 4 times the size of your hospital. Always upgrade your hospital building to utilize the usage of  hospital as well as your Enlistment Office. 
  • The more wounded you have in your hospital, and the more duty you have the slower the rate you can accrue duty. Always heal or make sure to heal all troops so that you will be able to enlist your troops faster. 
  • Duty will automatically accrue in the Enrollment Office whenever troops can be enlisted. Duty can then be used to enlist troops. 
  • Duty will no longer accrued  when Duty Limit is reached. 
  • You can increase duty by doing the following: 

           Claiming Daily Reward Crates. You can open daily crates by completing your daily tasks

           Collect resources inside your settlement. 

           Gather resources in the wilderness. 

  • The higher the level of your HQ , the more Duty can be obtained directly through daily activity. 

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