I know you are as confused as me on how this event works. This event will also cost players a lot of speedups, resources as well as dead troops if you are not paying attention to your hospital. There is no safe zone either. The rewards for this event are not that good but if your alliance is competitive, this event is for you. This article will be covering everything that you need to know about the event. Mining Mayhem will be a part of the World Event Season.


  • The event lasts for 9 days and will have its own map. Players will be directed to a different map once they enter the event.
  • This is an Alliance Event and everyone can participate provided they are a member of an alliance.

The goal to win this event is to get as many Alliance Points and stay at the Top to qualify for the finals. To do this, your alliance needs to occupy as many Research Labs as during Meteorite fights and build Auxiliary buildings for additional buffs. There are three ways to get Alliance Points :

  1. Killing Enemy Troops by attacking Auxilliary Buildings or attacking Research Labs
  2. Gathering Amethysts around the Mine Area
  3. Occupying Research Labs.
Duration of Research Lab Fights is  1 hour. This is subject to change once added to the live server. 

Every Stage requires certain points to unlock crates with rewards. For Individual ranking, points can be accumulated via joining Research Lab fights (Killing Troops/Wounded, Gathering Amethysts, and Occupying Research Labs). If players are not able to join the Research Lab Fights they can also get points by Attacking Infected, Rally Infected Fiend, and Gathering Resources ( Food, Wood). However, points accumulated outside the Research Lab fights will ONLY be added to Individual Points and not in Alliance Points.


Registration1 day
Matching Stage 1 Day
Mine Exploration1 Day
Meteorite Fight3 days
Final Moment1 day
Battle of Glory1 day
Result Stage 2 days


  • No Troops in the Hospital or Enlistment Office
  • No Troops Outside the Settlement
  • No Settlement Reinforcements


Troops killed and wounded DURING the research lab wars will be fully returned IF the player LEAVE the event within 2 hours after the research lab fight is finished.


At this phase, Alliance leaders need to register for the fight schedule. Three timeslots can be registered but the final fight schedule will be decided by the system based on the schedule registered by Alliances in the same division. This schedule will be the permanent time for fights every day throughout the event duration.


At this phase, six (6) Alliances will be added to the event map. This will be divided into two (2) divisions with 3 Alliances per division. (No info yet on how they are going to match alliances but based in PTR, each division came from the same server ( State #1 vs State 2)



During this Stage, Alliance members are to occupy the Amethyst Research Lab at the Green Zone or Zone 1. This Lab is exclusive for your Alliance only. Other Alliances in your division cannot attack the lab or the Amethyst mines. However, ANY player from the opponent’s side can attack settlements as well as Auxilliary Buildings once built.


Day 1 of Meteorite Fight is as easy as Mine Exploration due to the rule of the event. Alliances can only challenge Labs that are connected to their active or current occupied lab/s. Alliances should work hard collecting all the amethyst on the map during this day and Mine Exploration day to get more Alliance Points.

Day Two of Meteorite Fight onwards however is where the chaos starts. This time each alliance can challenge three different Ore labs. Final Glory will be an extension of the Meteorite Fight for Alliances to fight for Research Lab occupancy and for Alliance Points.


For every Research Lab occupied by an Alliance, this will allow them to build AUXILLIARY BUILDINGS (1 Economic and 1 Combat). These Auxilliary Buildings will add boosts to your Alliance members’ stats.

  • Alliance Leader need to assign Captains on each Research Labs.
  • Only the Captains can place or build the buildings. One player can be assigned to muliple Research Labs as Captain including the Alliance Leader.
  • Construction Time is 5mins same with Demolish. The more troops sent to build and the higher the Troop Level, the faster the construction.
  • Alliances need to be mindful as once the Auxiliary Buildings are built they are prone to Attack ANY TIME.
  • The stats will cover Alliance members that are located in the mining map.
  • Each Combat Buildings can be built up to 3 and the stats are stackable.


Energy Tower provides additional stats during Research Lab fights. The Energy Tower opens at the same time as the Research Lab and this closes at the same time as well. This cannot be attacked and cannot be occupied too. Alliance members need to collect Amethyst and feed the Tower to reach the amount of Amethyst required to activate the skill.

WARNING: Collected Amethyst does not add automatically to the tower. The player needs to feed the Amethyst after they have collected. The Skills need manual activation too. Each skill only has a limited duration and only effective in battles happening in the Research Lab connected to the Tower.


Research Labs can be challenged every 24 hours this is dependent on the common fight schedule 3 Alliances in 1 Division signed up. Ex. 4 UTC, so every 4 UTC every day, the Research Labs open. Alliances that have roads connected from the previously occupied Labs connected to the existing labs can compete by occupying the Labs. Whoever has the longest occupancy wins. Rally Timers are shorter compared to the standard rally timers.

BUFFS: All buffs ( Settlement, Skins, Governor, State Buffs) are applicable.

Ghost rallies work. Event is using New battle system ( hero skills work). 



Both Attacker and Defender are on the Defensive Side. It means no troop losses until hospital capacity. Enlistment Rules will apply (70% to Enlistment, 30% permanent losses).

BUT… If the player leaves the MINING MAP within TWO(2) hours after the Research Lab fight is finished, ALL TROOPS will be returned like how Reservoir Raid works.

If you are out of resources or speed ups, dont heal troops while fight is ongoing but instead leave the map after the fight is over to save your items. 


Both Attacker and Defender are on the Defensive Side. It means no troop losses until hospital capacity. Enlistment Rules will apply (70% to Enlistment, 30% permanent losses). However, I am not 100% sure if the troop loss rules are covered since Amethyst Tiles shows up during Research Fights Labs too.


Settlements in the Mining map are not safe from attacks. Players can attack ANY settlement other than their Alliance members ANY TIME. PVP rule applies similarly to normal settlement attacks. Attackers will lose troops permanently while the defender will only get wounded until hospital capacity. Enlistment rules apply after the hospital is filled.

To avoid getting hit, once you collected all crate items and joined research lab, players can leave the mining map and return to the normal wilderness. Unless ofcourse you want to help your alliance to defend existing Auxilliary buildings or you just want to have fun in Mining Map, then you can stay all you want. 😉 


Both Attacker and Defender are on the Defensive Side. It means no troop losses until hospital capacity. Enlistment Rules will apply (70% to Enlistment, 30% permanent losses). Auxiliary Buildings can be attacked and demolished by opponents ANY TIME. If you want to save up resources and speeds. Just build and reinforce them 5mins before research Lab fights or always garrison it in full most of the time as some players will likely attack it for distractions.


Alliances with the most Alliance Points ( Top 1 in Top Division and Top 1 in Down Division) will Battle for the Championship.

Whoever has the longest occupancy will be the Champion. Compared to the previous Research Lab, GAIA has 4 Towers similar to the Capital Clash setup. These towers need to be occupied by the Alliance who occupies the Middle to avoid Tower hits. Both Attacker and Defender are on the Defensive Side. It means no troop losses until hospital capacity. Enlistment Rules will apply (70% to Enlistment, 30% permanent losses).


Every Stage, players can collect crate rewards by reaching certain points by participating in Research Labs or by completing tasks.


Aside from the crate rewards per stage, the Event has different rewards based on Ranking:

Alliance Rank, Solo Ranking per Stage, and another ranking for both for the entire event duration. I forgot to keep track of the rewards but they are mostly hero gear parts and other items.


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  1. This is currently being tested in the ptr. I think it is also being tested in some states in live. I will update you once i get info. Btw. This article is old and have many changes i will update this soon


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