This feature is currently being tested in States 564-666. I am not sure about the ETA in the live server but I will update this article as soon as I have the information. 


  • To play Flash Duel, the Alliance leader or R4 needs to build the coliseum within the Alliance Territory.
  • Once the building is set, Alliance Members can summon and attack the monsters.
  • The event opens 2 days EVERY week and the rewards are settled towards the end of the week based on the highest Solo and Alliance level completed.
  • As 1 season in-game lasts for 12 weeks, the difficulty of the monsters and the level of progression will be reset.
  • Within the season, the level cap will rise as the event progresses.
  • The event timer will start at reset or 0 UTC in the scheduled days.
  • This is an Alliance event so only players in an Alliance can participate for this event.


There are two types of levels for this event.


There are 150 levels for normal and these are grouped by 5’s. The first 4 levels per grouping are low-level monsters however on level 5, the stronger monster will come out and the higher the level the higher the strength or difficulty. In instances where your other Alliance members cannot beat the monster, the player can request help from the alliance. Once help is requested, the Alliance members can rally the Elite Infected. Each member can ONLY request up to 10 help per week.

All these 150 levels do not open at the same time. There is a limit of levels to unlock every week.

Subject to change


Elite Levels can only be unlocked when a certain amount of Alliance members reached the required level.

Clone Wallace1015
Overseer Orcus1060
Overseer Mania1080
Mega Mutated Spider15110
Mega Mutated Scorpion15115
Fungal Spreader15120
Fungal Giant20125
MIGO Bloodmangle20130
Mega Guzzler20140
Subject to change


The early levels of the Flash Duels are easy but as the weeks progress the difficulty will also increase. For the most part in early levels, Alliance does not need to move their Coliseum around provided the members don’t mind the duration of marches since the monsters are weak. However, if you want to finish your challenges early and help your alliance members finish their levels, you may consider the tips below.

Since most hives are packed for the Influencer Trap, Alliance HQ, and Settlements, Leaders can build the coliseum on the edge of your hive provided the entire box is inside your hive territory. Make sure to make space for 16+ settlements around the building to maximize the march timers. The closer the settlement, the faster the challenges.

Above is an example of how to set up the coliseum. Remember that the march time is dependent on the distance of your settlement to the building. Hence the reason why in the higher levels of difficulty, you move the building at the border of your hive and manage your members who will use the first and second rows per batch. The first row will have a march time of 5-7 seconds. and additional 2-3 seconds for the attack. The second row will have 16-20 seconds of march time.

Once the difficulty increases, the alliance can use the above setup but add a mix of low stats and maxed at the same time so if a non maxed player cannot beat the monster, the maxed or better stats can help.

Say 8 high stats and 8 low stats or 4 high stats and the rest are low stats. Once the first batch finished the challenges, they can port out and the next batch of members can take over.


Players can summon the Monsters directly from the coliseum. And since you can only send 1 march at a time, paying attention to your march will drastically help your challenge duration shorter once the difficulty progresses.

Once the first march started to march, watch your screen until it lands and count 1-3 seconds, and once you see the returning icon, you can summon the monster again and send a second march. That way, the first march is already on its way back and the second m,arch is on the way to the target. Repeat the relay until you finished the challenges.



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