Anniversary Points Race7 days
Master Tape Collection7 Days
Day of Hope – Music Party7 days
McLooty’s Loot 4 days

For Stage 3, Players can choose what hero to support for the festival.

Stage 3 Item is the mini airship. You can get this by playing MClooty Event daily. Player is guaranteed to get mini airship rewards 5 times daily(There was a glitch in testing state so first three days it wasnt showing and the game sent 400 mini airships instead). Daily Donation reward is 20 that drops random items like Stage 1 and Stage 2.

The Stage Ranking is based off points made every time a player donates mini airship. For every 2 mini airships donated, it is equivalent to 20 points.

This event shows up on the third day of Stage 3. At the same time, the event ends ( attack the Mclooty) 1 day before the timer ends. The last day is for results.


The infected spawns around the Old Town ( Grey Areas) on the Map. Be it in the Capital, Bunkers, or Facilities.

Respawn time is 3 hours and 30 mins after the Infected is Eliminated.

Players need to hunt the Infected to be able to attack it. For every spawn, the Infected can be killed for 3 times. Each Level, the Infected have 14,000 HP to clear before it random spawn again.

To make a damage to the Infected. player’s march need to have a minimum of 100,000 strength. Players can send multiple marches to Infected but it requires stamina every time. March isnt boosted so teleports are needed. The damage caused when you reach the recommended strength is fixed and this can be boosted by buying the 10% boost (5000 biocaps) with a duration of 10 minutes. This is stackable. Guaranteed rewards per day is 5 times.

Rewards hitting the Infected.

Ranking Rewards for McLooty Loots

Anniversary Points Race Event is pretty much the same event every skin event where you need to complete tasks daily to get corresponding rewards. Players can only get master Tapes for free in this event by completing Target Points. The ranking rewards only gives the standard Skin Event Ranking , both daily and the entire event.

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