This is a new event associated with the Thanksgiving Event. There is no information if this is recurring or a one-time event only. In this article, I am covering the mechanics of the event and tips on how to play the game.


Basically, all you need to do is to clear the board up to 20 levels to get the rewards. Rewards include seasoning which is the main item for this month’s Skin Event. This will last for 3 days. Every day, players will have two chances to beat 20 levels both for Normal and Hard Difficulty. ONLY one march can be used per challenge so make sure to activate buffs , most importantly your March Capacity because the Gameplay of this event is dependent on how much troops you have left.

The only way to get seasoning here is to reach milestones or the corresponding amount of levels that you can clear. It means that the higher the level you clear, the more seasoning you can get as well as other rewards. Since there are two chances, you can decide whether you use both chances for Normal difficulty or split them into two and try your luck with Hard difficulty. The hard difficulty will give more seasoning but this also means the Infected are harder to kill.

Assuming you clear 20 Levels per challenge

Clearing Tiles will give you additional random rewards.


Before you start the challenge, you need to familiarize yourself with the following items and stuff to watch out. The tiles may look easy to clear but they also require strategy. Once you activated your buffs, choose the difficulty, and set your march, it will direct you to the first set of blocked tiles. You need to flip them strategically to find the INFECTED as this infected needs to get cleared to unlock the next level. There are buffs that you can find in the tile to boost your HP,DEF,LETH, ATTACK and LETH reduction of the monsters and at the same time, you can collect stackable buffs or items that you can use as you progress.

I may suggest keeping the Grenade, Missile ,Medkit and Gloves until later levels when it gets harder. There are two types of monsters for this event. The zombie is weaker than the Infected but this blocks the other tiles. The Infected is tough but this will unlock the next floor once defeated.

The most important thing you need to watch out for is the Troop Counts and the percentage. The challenge will end once your Troop Bar drops to zero 0%.


Every time the Infected is defeated and the next floor opens, this will drop additional buffs for you to use. There is a countdown of 7seconds before this option closes so make sure to choose the buffs that you need before the timer ends.

Once you see the radar station in the tile, activate it asap to reveal all the hidden tiles and for you to locate the Infected.

Use the Troop Heals 10% after you Kill the Infected or whenever your troop bar is below 85%. This will make your troops bar back to 100%.

Use the grenades to weaken the Infected and not the monster. Use the missile in late levels because this will deal massive damage to the target. Use the medkit to heal troops but on the later levels because the 10% troop heal (Hospital Icon) shows up in the tile every 3-4 levels. Use the gloves to flip a blocked tile.

If the zombies are at the edges and have no tiles to flip or if you already killed the Infected and opened the next level, SKIP the zombies to save your troops and proceed to the next level. ( Zombies only drop resources and speedies)

WARNING: Make sure to collect all the items on the tiles before moving to the next level because you cannot revert the action to return to the previous level.


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