A full-bloodied Asian girl and a half bear who likes to study and play games. A Chemical Engineer by profession, brewing and managing a craft beer company for years before the pandemic hits. Currently back to school taking up Computer Science to pursue my passion for tech and gaming.

For fun, aside from gaming, I paint, write blogs, and build websites. I have been writing blogs since 2015 and last April 2020, I started a Youtube Channel with an original goal to help my Alliance members. Later that month, I was invited to join the Content Creator Team of State of Survival. I co-founded the COLLAB TEAM along with Request and the rest is history.


Savagery Gaming – My original game name was QueenSavagery or KweenSavagery.This was given by my friends while we were playing Runescape.

TEDDY – As funny as it may sound but this is actually in reference to Teddy Bears ( Stuffed Toy). I love bears

I am an INTJ individual. I prefer my peace and quiet as most of the time I don’t fit in the crowd or am often misunderstood. I prefer writing over talking but at the same time, I am very straightforward.

When it come to gaming experience, I am mostly playing PC and mobile games. Counterstrike, Runescape for over a decade, and Wonderland Online were the first games that got me addicted. For mobile gaming, I am playing the following listing on and off.

  • Clash of Clans
  • Call of Duty Mobile
  • Mobile Legends Bang Bang
  • Operation New Earth
  • Summoners War
  • PIMD
  • Dystopia
  • Left to Survive
  • Clash of Streamers



Discord IGN : Teddy#0856

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