SCHEDULE EVENTDURATIONMaddie's New Year's Wishes7 daysLion Dance Spectacle7 daysNew Year's Eve Party8 daysNew Year's Pizzazz8 daysRed Patches7 days ITEMS SOURCE MADDIE'S NEW YEAR'S WISHES DAYTASKSLEVELWHAT TO DOPOINTS1LOGIN5Login Daily for 5 Days5STAMINA8Consume Stamina1,800INFECTED7Kill Infected via Intel/ Wilderness802INFECTED7Rally Infected Fiend25DONATIONS7Donate to Alliance Tech160TIMER HELP6Help Alliance Members1003BIOCAPS6Spend Biocaps4,000RESEARCH6Increase Research Power100,000GATHERING7Collect Resources3,000,0004GIFTS6Receive Ally Packages60MARKET STALL7Trade-in Market Stall40HEROES9Find Heroes using... Continue Reading →

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