Nations of Darkness is an Early Access Game developed by StarFortune.Like most Mobile games. this is a FREE-to-download game however this also got an IN-APP Purchase. This game has the same aesthetics as Myth of Moonrise which is also developed by the same company.


Born in darkness and shrouded in mystique.

Vampire. Werewolf. Hunter. Mage. Long have they lay dormant in this modern world of Technology.

Choose your faction and become its leader. Rally your survivors and fight across the land to claim your throne of power.

This is a real-time strategy game that requires a lot of time, effort and strategy. As a player, you need to build and protect your nation or settlements from attacks by monsters, other factions and alliances. It’s always a challenge how to build your nation and even if we spend a lot of time, we cannot be sure that we are safe from threats.


Align with the vampires, werewolves, hunters, or mages. Plus, sixty heroes with a wide range of abilities. Gather and Recruit elite heroes to perfect your combination.


Each Faction has its own special abilities at the same time, and each hero regardless of Faction has their own special skills too. At the moment, you can only choose either Hunter, Werewolf, or Vampire. Choose the type of faction that fits your playing style. Be careful in choosing your faction because this cannot be reverted once the faction is chosen.


Aside from the Faction and its specific attributes, choosing the right heroes to develop in Nations of Darkness will also help in your effectiveness in different areas including PVE, PVP and challenges. Like most strategy games, NOD heroes are also grouped based on their factions, rarity, tiers, specialization, field position, unit type effectiveness and other special abilities.

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